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Who I Am

Hey, my name is Zero. I’m an artist and the person behind Bumbly Bee Designs. I have grown up in Colorado for the majority of my life, and I’m excited to travel one day and see what the rest of the globe has to offer! I currently have a rescue kitty named Cleo, she is my best friend and my messy, freeloading roommate all tied into one. When I’m not working or creating, I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, attending concerts, reading, and cooking. 

My Life Around Art

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I would always make drawings for others as gifts, no occasion necessary. This has blossomed into an interest in sharing my art worldwide!

I have always hopped around different mediums. As a child, I loved using markers and attempting to recreate cartoon characters I’d seen. In middle school, I invested in a TON of acrylic paints. I eventually got a tablet and learned how to draw digitally as well. I started taking art classes in 2016, and from there I learned how to work with chalk pastels, charcoal, graphite,  and ink. After every new medium I tried, there were things I realized about the ones I already knew. You can learn so much from branching out and trying new things. Since then, I’ve also worked with watercolor and colored pencils.

Art has been an incredible outlet for me. At the worst of times, I would be thinking of what upset me, how it made me feel, and I’d translate that through paint. I’d pick colors and motions that reflected how I felt. As I processed my thoughts and feelings, the painting would progress. By the end, it felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders. In a way, it was as if a lot of that hurt was transferred to the canvas.




Art has also been there for me through the best of times. I love making art inspired by things I love like specific lyrics or moments in time. I actually met my lovely partner, Hallie, because we did an art trade! Art can connect everyone in so many different, fun ways.

What I Want To Do

Helping people is one of my biggest passions. In my dream world, I am the owner of a queer and trauma-informed Tattoo Studio, along with a not-for-profit art studio of some sort where I can not only host friends and have an amazing time creating myself, but somewhere I can teach others of all ages who may not have access to it. Art and art knowledge can often end up behind a paywall, and I would love to be able to break down those barriers and serve my community. I absolutely love teaching kids, seeing their eyes light up and their skills progress. Kids can be so hard on themselves, I’d love to be a trusted adult and mentor to help them create and be their best selves!



As mentioned previously, I have an amazing kitty, Cleo. As a huge animal lover, I hope to own a farm one day. I’d love to have a senior animal retirement home, along with programs for people to learn about and work with all the animals.

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