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Productivity: Self worth II

    In the world we’re surrounded by, productivity is where your value can be placed. How much money do you have? How many projects are you working on? How many hours a week are you working? Overexertion is normalized to the point anyone who is successful in something usually feels burnout.

    The definition of burnout is as follows:

      “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration”.

    This could be at a job where you are constantly pushing yourself past your limits in hopes of seeing progress in your career, but in the end It takes you over the edge and you’re unable to do anything. Working day and night because maybe something isn’t perfect but you end up in a worse spot than where you started, leaving you feeling hopeless and exhausted.

    This is far too common, especially in creative fields. You cannot create on a constant basis forever. Creativity doesn’t follow a schedule.

    Structurally, labor is built as if we are machines: able to take hits constantly and feel nothing, stand for hours and our feet shouldn’t hurt, be in an unhealthy environment getting yelled at and harassed and simply suck It up. Humans aren’t designed to do this 40 hours a week.

    We are made to think we should be doing things every single day. This is not only unrealistic for the majority of people, but it’s also incredibly ableist. Everyone experiences things differently. If they’re going to place so much value on getting things done, maybe the system should allow more than one way of doing things. If they expect everyone to work despite any mental health issues, they should make policies that are more friendly to that.

    People’s ability to do things and how they are done should not be put into boxes as to what will be the most “efficient”, and if you aren’t doing something that makes money then It doesn’t have value.

    Not everything you do needs to be a source of income. Keep hobbies simply because they’re fun, enjoy your days off and allow yourself to rest, and if you don’t have a job know that It is okay.

    Life throws us in plenty of different directions, this year especially has not been kind to many of us. Allow yourself to breathe, and remember it’s one step at a time.

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