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Connect with Yourself

       This month will test all of us in many ways we least expected. The year so far has been filled with a variety of things that we never saw coming. One thing that has kept me grounded through all of this has been nature.

       Nature is one consistent that has always been there for me. When work was too much, I’d take my off days and drive around the mountains, blasting music. It was therapeutic in a way. Many of us forget that’s an option. Getting outside can be hard, but take advantage of the beautiful weather, breathe in some fresh air, lay down in the grass, let yourself just be for once.

       We tend to get caught up in the constant moving of the world, It feels like we’re running out of time to get things done. If we sit back and think about It, we should be doing what we love as much as we can. Our life is for us, we are living It and no one else is experiencing what we are, why put ourselves through voluntary turmoil if we have the choice? Some things aren’t negotiable, and learning to accept those things are a part of learning to love yourself. Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, but take 5 minutes, 15 minutes to yourself every day and do something you love. If getting outside is something you enjoy doing, do It!

       Be your own best friend, your own lover, your own role model. This life is about you. Allow yourself to enjoy It when you can.

       Below are some photos of my recent forest exploration, how gorgeous!


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