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First of many: self worth

    Good morning and happy Sunday! This is the first official blog pos. I’ve never been quite good with solely self motivated consistency, so we’ll see how this goes. These are going to be about whatever I really feel driven to write about. This week, it’s self worth.

    Self worth is a hard thing for many of us to place value in. I find in particular, artists tend to be some of the most self deprecating people I’ve ever met. When you’re creative, there is no exact formula. There are no real direct instructions. Sure, you can look up how to draw a building or a person, but when you get certain ideas in your head about things you wish to create, there’s not always a step-by-step tutorial. Often times, it’s a seed that sprouted in your brain from many different things. Maybe It hasn’t been done before, or the method you feel drawn to go with isn’t “traditional”. It can be hard to get from mind to paper.

    Alongside the initial difficulty in translating your ideas into finished pieces, your sole job as an artist is to look at your art and correct It until it’s satisfactory. Your job is to see what is wrong with It, and I think we find It hard to shift out of that mindset after the work is done. You only see the things you could improve.

    In reality, anyone else who sees your work only sees the finished product. They don’t see any references you used, and even if they do they’re not the one who has had to stare at It for hours like you have. They don’t know every single wrinkle on that face because they aren’t looking for what’s wrong.

    Similarly, you’ve had to look at yourself your entire life. People around you get to experience you in a very different way. You are an artist sculpting yourself and you’re looking for all those flaws and imperfections to adjust but it’s not as easy as erasing this or deepening that. You are a human being, a work of art, but in a different way. You are able to speak, to interact, to do. Your art’s beauty lies on the surface, whereas yours goes deeper. Your beauty is not defined by your outward appearance, you have more to offer than that. You are able to be kind, compassionate, thoughtful, caring to others. Sure, that’s lovely and It is gorgeous. But, I think one of the most beautiful things you can do is turn that around into yourself.

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